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Affinity Management Services

The Participants

 Director of Business Development, Co-Founder
Ralph P. Aquino, CAM
Affinity Management Services

 President & Co-Founder
Daniel B. Odess

 President & Founder
Miroslav Mladenović, PE
m2e Consulting Engineers

 Shareholder, Construction Law Board Certified
Nicholas D. Seigfried
Siegfried Rivera

 Shareholder & Trial Attorney
Jason M. Rodgers-da Cruz
Siegfried Rivera

Stuart Sobel
Siegfried Rivera

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Hear what the 40/50-Year Recertification Process 2021 attendees are saying:

  • Misha Mladenovic, PE, president & founder, m2e Consulting Engineers

    The tragic collapse in Surfside has brought concerns regarding the structural integrity of aging buildings to the forefront, and we are proud to provide our community with a comprehensive series focused on educating attendees on how to tackle the 40/50-year recertification process. I haven’t seen any other offerings for such an extensive program on this vitally important subject, and I am thrilled to partner with other highly experienced and knowledgeable professionals to share all of our insights.

  • Steven M. Siegfried, managing partner, Siegfried Rivera

    The need for a series such as this became apparent to all four of our firms following the horror of the tragedy in Surfside. Structural integrity concerns have now become a major focus for those residing in older buildings that are approaching the 40-year recertification process. This series will cover all of the different components of this complex process and provide participants with helpful tips on preventative maintenance measures they can take in their communities.

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